MASSAGE - SOFT TISSUE THERAPY (including Deep Tissue)

Professional massage therapy:
  • Provided by the FHT member, ITEC UK certified therapist
  • Professional initial consultation & postural assessment for client-centred effective treatment
  • Genuine Sports Massage (Soft Tissue Therapy), incl. Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy, Lymphatic drainage therapy, Myofascial release, Pre-event, Post-even treatment etc.
  • Friendly & dedicated professional approach
  • Professional equipment
  • Highest standards of Health and superior personal hygiene

I am fully ITEC certified to provide soft tissue therapy in the UK through sports massage – soft tissue therapy (including Deep Tissue). The latter is aimed to prevent or resolve issues like overuse, underuse, strain or imbalance of soft tissues (particularly muscles).
It’s not only for athletes but for EVERYONE who would like to live a healthier life and feel better.

I always work with causes of illness and don’t just treat symptoms.

As a part of the professional standard, I include a comprehensive initial consultation which embraces postural assessment as well.

I would like to share with you the main BENEFITS of my soft tissue therapy (massage) which include:
1. Release of muscle tension
2. Reduction in stiffness in joints by relaxing muscles
3. General relaxation
4. Re-energising & release of emotional turmoil
5. Removal of waste (toxins)
6. Improving posture and flexibility
7. Reduced duration/discomfort from the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
8. Breaking of fibrous adhesions
9. Increasing mobility between tissues
10. Stretching and separation of muscle fibres
11. Increasing venous and lymphatic drainage
12. Breaking down adhered scar tissue & realigning new scar tissue
13. Restoration of elasticity
14. Stimulation of vasodilation and blood flow
15. Stimulating the healing process
16. Rearranging muscle & collagen fibres in a more functional pattern
17. Reduction of trigger & tender points activity

Promotional prices for new clients:

I am based in East Finchly 
Availability: afternoon and evening preferred. Morning by negotiation. 
Feel free to contact me via Facebook or WhatsApp: +44 759 4338001