About me

Hi, my name is Diamie. I am a professional complementary therapist – a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist (high level clinical massage), Life coach, Vegan Nutrition Therapist and Master of Chinese metaphysics. 

I am a sunny and friendly indigo being and am here to enrich people’s lives by bringing you positivity, luck, love, health, stability, and prosperity through my professional experience.

Soft tissue therapy (massage)

I am fully UK certified  (with enhanced knowledge in anatomy and physiology) to provide soft tissue therapy in the UK through sports massage (comparable to ordinary-classic massage). The latter is aimed to prevent or resolve issues like overuse, underuse, strain or imbalance of soft tissues (particularly muscles).
It’s not only for athletes but for EVERYONE who would like to live a healthier life and feel better.

I always work with causes of illness and don’t just treat symptoms.

As a part of the professional standard, I include a comprehensive initial consultation which embraces postural assessment as well.

I would like to share with you the main benefits of my soft tissue therapy (massage) which include:
1. Release of muscle tension
2. Reduction in stiffness in joints by relaxing muscles
3. General relaxation
4. Re-energising & release of emotional turmoil
5. Removal of waste (toxins)
6. Improving posture and flexibility
7. Reduced duration/discomfort from the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
8. Breaking of fibrous adhesions
9. Increasing mobility between tissues
10. Stretching and separation of muscle fibres
11. Increasing venous and lymphatic drainage
12. Breaking down adhered scar tissue & realigning new scar tissue
13. Restoration of elasticity
14. Stimulation of vasodilation and blood flow
15. Stimulating the healing process
16. Rearranging muscle & collagen fibres in a more functional pattern
17. Reduction of trigger & tender points activity

Metaphysics and Neuropsychology

I am a professional consultant in Chinese metaphysics (Qi Men Fun Jia, Oracle, Oracle of Destiny, BaZi, Fengshui, Shenvan, Ba Zhai, Flying stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua), nutritionism, holistic healing, rejuvenation, and psychology of success.

I have dealt with the ancient and secret knowledge of Chinese metaphysics for more than 7 years. I was fortunate to be taught by shining ones who gave me traditional and authentic knowledge that completely transformed my life, making it more mindful, stress-free, successful, and joyous. On my journey, I have met wonderful people, helping them increase their luck levels and achieving the practical goals they pursued. By using the significant benefits offered by Chinese metaphysics, my knowledge is intended to transform the lives of individuals who are serious about positive change.

Being a raw vegan for over 12 years, I received the ultimate experience in raw veganism, particularly ketogenic culinary art. My ultimate experience gave birth to unique knowledge in nutritionism that helped many people to improve their health.

Suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia or neurocirculatory dystonia, also known as vegetative somatisation or somatoform disorder, I found many ways to successfully cope with this physiological state and am happy to share my professional experience with other individuals who have similar issues.

Having lacked proper stress and time management in the past as well as struggling with self-confidence, which was intensified by anxiety within vegetative somatisation disorder, I have sought to obtain knowledge in neuropsychology and psychology of success. This knowledge has changed my psychological culture and has given me the tools needed to help others.

Having broad understanding in many areas and being a legal philosopher with a powerful methodological set, I synergetically synthesise it within a holistic approach. Therefore, I can additionally offer people my weight-loss programme, self-confidence booster programme, time management, anti-stress, and mindfulness programme, adrenal fatigue and burnout relief programme, as well as neurocirculatory dystonia and other alternative healing programmes.

I feel that my mission is to help people with the exclusive and holistic knowledge given to me by the Universe. It will be my pleasure to help and support you. In order to solve problems and achieve specific goals, you can contact me personally, and together we will find the best solution. Thank you!