Massage Therapy, Holistic living and Chinese metaphysics

Professional treatment for body maintenance, injury, dysfunction and pain

Make your life healthier & more harmonious


– UK ITEC CERTIFIED SOFT TISSUE THERAPY (MASSAGE), which embraces Sport massage, including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Pre-event, Post-even treatment etc.

Neuropsychology, psychology of success and epigenetics  – change your life to the root – create and embody your new image and desires into reality! Reprogram your subconscious mind and get access to the management of your genes (thereby making it possible/or to increase chanced for successful treatment of neglected and even “incurable” diseases and conditions).

Cutting edge vital nutritionism  – discover the advanced program of weight correction and treatment of painful conditions; discover the world of veganism and raw food.


Qi Men Dun Jia – the most ancient secret knowledge that the dedicated priests of the Emperor were in charge of (covers Heavenly, Human and Earthly luck), with which you can determine the best time and make a pass through the heavenly gates of luck, at times increasing your chances of a specific positive result in any area.

Qi Men Dun Jia Oracle for life and destiny the highest level of Chinese metaphysics, which allows you to understand the scenarios of your fate, your hidden potential and build a better life.

Traditional and authentic Fengshui, BaZhai, Shenwan  – harmonise your earthly luck so that your home turns into a temple of wealth and prosperity.

Ba ZI, Xuan Kong Da Gua  – understand your heavenly luck better and be sure of the correct choice of dates for important life events.


You will find out your ideal time and the best behaviour model to increase success in any field

You will be able to increase the level of wellness

You will understand your destiny card to change your life for the better

Turn your home into a temple of prosperity​​

Get answers to life's questions in any field​

Get support in any matters​


Relaxation, reducing or eliminating pain and stiffness (soft tissue therapy), rejuvenation and other wellness-related topics

Joy, self-esteem and confidence in life, stress and anxiety management

Cash flow and real estate (metaphysical and life coaching aspect)

Relationships and partnerships (metaphysical and life coaching aspect)

Increasing success in life

Business, advertising, clients

Work and career

Why now


It's time to improve your overall wellness, rejuvenate and strengthen your health, knowing the best time to start moving towards the goal and having comprehensive professional support based on ancient and modern advanced knowledge


During the global crisis, now is the best time to understand what is better for you in terms of organising your financial flow, and therefore clarity is required regarding possible issues: should I start a particular business, when it is better to start it, alone or with partners etc.


Today is the time to become successful in your personal relationships


Today it is the right time to make every sphere of your life successful with the help of special energy activations and knowledge of the most favourable time!


Now it's time to understand your destiny, its scenarios and become its co-creator together with the universe


It's time to think about healthy eating, especially when we are sitting more and more.


A unique technique specially developed by me, which includes:

Exceptional ancient knowledge 

Advanced and innovative knowledge in many areas and years’ of experience

Person-centred holistic approach



Kindness and friendliness

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years' experience

More than seven years of holistic work experience

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Satisfied clients

Professional services on discreet basis

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Individual programmes

I will compose A personal programme to reach your goals set


Diamie helped me revive my withered business and raise my overall level of luck with energy activations and favourable timing. Every meeting, transaction and advertisement was carried out taking into account the recommendations of the master. As a result, I began to have new orders, new opportunities, my life was transformed, filled with positivity and luck. Many thanks to Diamie
Sole trader
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Diamie for the valuable help he gave me in the most difficult moment of my life. Before meeting him, the question of changing jobs and finding yourself had been standing for years. The key word is "stood", and did not dare. Thanks to his professional help in the framework of Chinese metaphysics, everything in my life changed and got better in just 2 weeks. With the analysis of the natal chart by the Oracle of Qi Men, he opened my eyes about myself: who am I, what am I, why am I, what am I capable of in this life, what are my strengths, etc. It was thanks to the calculations of the "right time" to start new things and energy activations that everything turned out as well as possible. Today, I have a job that I really enjoy, I have a good salary (I didn't even count on it), I have self-confidence and I know what awaits me. Thanks to Diamie for helping in a difficult moment. Thanks to him for his responsiveness and individual approach. Diamie became my faithful adviser in solving important life issues. I always listen to his valuable advice and the method of this master really works. I thank Fate for introducing me to him.​
Bank clerk
Diamie gave me a holistic full body therapeutic massage which helped me to recover from accumulated stress in the body. It completely restored me, he went really deep and helped me feel so so so much better. The difference was massive. He also gave me really good nutrition and health lifestyle advice and since his visit I've become vegan after not being able to do that transition for years. Would more than recommend this healing angel sweetheart, 11/10
Massage therapist
You can spend years trying to find a masseuse this special. I found you ! I am so happy about that. I felt safe with you, that is the number one most important thing to for me to consider. After this you treated every part of my body as though it were sacred. You made sure to check what areas felt tender and which areas needed more pressure. You have a lovely light way of expressing what you were noticing around my body areas. You made affirmations and gave gentle suggestions when inspired. I had the treatment to support me in the process of recovery from loss, grief and stress. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. You are more than a practitioner, you are I believe an intuitive healer. I give you a full and heartfelt recommendation. In gratitude
After 2 years of working in my niche, I realised that I ran into a creative and financial ceiling. After getting acquainted with Diamie I realised that the way I used to plan my time and my activities was not so very efficient. With Diamie's life coach sessions he helped me to change my life.
I received an unforgettable authentic full-body deep tissue classic massage in the comfort of my home. Diamond put his heart and soul into it! Definitely one of my most amazing and unique massage experiences! Thank you, master Diamie. Do recommend him! 💚
Working in a large company 24/7, I neglected myself: migraines almost every day, fatigue by the middle of the day, burnout etc. A mate gave me the Diamie's number - said: "This guy will solve your problems." And how he turned out to be right: in just 1.5 weeks, Dimie managed to put me on my feet completely: both physically and mentally. I definitely recommend such a specialist.